One of many new friends along
the way
Singing at a coffee house
in southern California
A service for World Vision at
Highlands UMC in North Carolina
Leading worship for a
church service in  
A service for World Vision in
Denver, Colorado
A concert for Venezuelan flood
victims via the Red Cross
Connecting sponsors with needy children through
World Vision after events
Meeting Winstone Nkhoma, World
Vision's lead in Losotho, Africa
Participating in World Vision's 30 hr Famine and Sunday Services with
Resurrection Lutheran Church's youth in Fredericksburg, Virginia
With Margaret Becker at Artists'
retreat in Houston, Texas
With Todd Agnew in
Orlando, Florida  
On the Road
Home Page
Meeting Bishop Gideon Maghina,
Chairman of the AIDS Prevention
Project in Tanzania,  Africa
Performing at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Centerville, Ohio
Standing near the top of Croagh
Patrick, St. Patrick's holy
mountain in western Ireland
Skeleton figures give a haunting
reminder of the realty of hunger at
the famine memorial near
Westport, Ireland.
At Artists' retreat in Jacksonville, Florida
Ministering at a church in Encinitas, California
Outdoor Concert in Montague, Michigan
(with Leah Olsen)
At a church in Leadville,
An old church near the Wicklow
Mountains, Republic of Ireland
This is how many shots you
need to go to Africa (5) - Ouch
Thanking the children of  Resurrection
Lutheran Church in Monticello, Minnesota for
their generous gift of bikes to World Vision